A brand that combines handicraft with contemporaneity, to create unique and original pieces adapting to personality of the wearer.


These accessories are inspired by a minimalist structure, with great attention to the formal- volumetric aspect of their pieces. They are expertly fusing global cultural references with craft techniques, always looking for a balance between geometric and organic forms, thus generating sober and elegant elements.


The handmade product is made with a different essence, its own sense of identity and a touch of life imprinted in the material, shape, color. It represents a process of transformation of the matter, in which is used a combination of knowledge, feelings consciousness and heart.


 My craftsmanship is characterized by the use of geometric forms as an essential part of each object, making use of different materials depending on the formal aspect that I want to obtain from each one. Based on the experimentation of conventional materials that through their elaboration generate innovative pieces.